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Event Rules


1. Event is open to Anyone Male, female  with or without a AGU handicap 

Grades will be separate for A,B,C and Social Players Played at Golf clubs,

driving ranges or launch Monitor events

competition round. Non golf club Members can play with their social club or at a

designated event at Golf driving Range, or at a designated Launch Monitor event


1-(a) NB: Exception to this is that no Golf Professional, Trainee Professional or anyone

who is not eligible to hold Amateur status (Meaning in between Amateur and Professional Status)

will  Not be allowed to compete in Qualifying round.

Regional Final.

2. The Regional Final will give anyone who does not hold a AGU , Social Golf club or

Golf league golf handicap a handicap by the way of Callaway system.(only for the purpose of competing in the days Event)

3. The player will use Their  current handicap for the National Final.


The National Final

5. The player will only have one shot during the designated round of the tournament

for the chance to win the Major Prize. $10,000  or a trip for 2 players to attend the Masters at Augusta   For Hole In One.

6. For the golf event players with a handicap will play off their current handicap at the

time of the event they are about to compete in.

7. Players will only be permitted to win one entry for a regional final in a nearest the pin qualifying event.

8. Any dispute will be handled by the organising committee and their decision will be final.

9. All disputes must be lodged no more than 1 Hour after the completion of the round.

10. The winner of a Nearest the pin at regional final will qualify for the National final

and if they,cannot attend will be allowed to substitute for a player of equal ability with no

Handicap or a player with a handicap with a =handicap  or+or - of 2 of a player who has a handicap. From the

same grade

11. Any Request for a substitute will be notified to the organising committee ASAP, to

allow for a decision to be made.

12. Measuring devices may be used in the tournament to establish the distances no

device may be used to gauge wind or Slope .

13. All entry fees will be paid prior to entry, payment can be made by either, Eftpos or

credit card via the Internet or Phone.

14. The grades will be 0-14 A Grade B Grade 15-23 C Grade 24-36 ladies will go up to 45 with their normal grading.

Disclaimer: The $1000 Nearest the pin Travel Voucher for each Grade in regional Final is based on a Minimum of 50 Players, less than 50 players the amount will reduce.

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